Gerovital Plant BIO

Parabens-free, Preservatives-free, Allergens-free
Dermatological tested.
The efficacy of the products was clinically proven by the tests made at Evic International Group.

Gerovital Plant line is a range of products based on natural active principles which ensure a good tolerance and skin compatibility. Following the tendency of the natural, green products Gerovital Plant line presents parabens free formulas without preservatives, with hypoallergenic parfumes and with Organic Edelweiss Extract.
It is the new complete maintenance range (face care, body care, hair care), created for women between 20 to 45 years old, which corresponds to the latest requests in the matters of cosmetic care.

A valuable ingredient of the Gerovital Plant line is The Organic Alpaflor Edelweiss Extract, obtained from Edelweiss plant. The Bio Edelweiss Extract is certified by ECOCERT France. The plants used to obtain this ingredient came from the organic cultures certificated by BioSuisse, and are grown without herbicides, pesticides or mineral fertilizers.
The Edelweiss plant is permanently exposed to powerful UV radiations, low atmospheric pressure, extreme temperatures and variable humidity, faced through the secretion of protective metabolites, which have a similar effect of protection also regarding human skin.
In the Gerovital Plant line, the Organic Edelweiss Extract has a key role, thanks to the undeniable protection and regeneration properties of the skin, as active ingredient which fights against the destructive action of the free radicals on Hyaluronic Acid,Collagen fibres and Elastin, characteristically to the skin.
Completing the beneficial effects of the Edelweiss extract, Gerovital Plant line products contain the Herbatonic Complex  composed of plants from the Transylvanian flora: Hay,HorsetailThyme and Mallow  which ensures a good remineralization, and optimal moisturizing level and a plus of protection against the harmful environmental factors.
Bio edelweiss extract, obtained from controlled cultures, certified by Bio Suisse, plays an important part thanks to its incontestable skin protection and regeneration properties, as it is an active ingredient that fights against the destructive action of free radicals over hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin fibers that are characteristic to the skin.
- The Herbatonic Complex made of 20 minerals, 10 vitamins and 13 Oligo Elements, especially important for skin hydration, nourishment and remineralisation;
Ceramidyl-Omega is a complete, active, vegetal ingredient, a unique mixture of essential fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9) and pure glucoceramides. It improves the epidermis restructuring processes and the cohesion between corneocytes, and it rebuilds the skins barrier function, which becomes less permeable for harmful environmental factors. The wrinkles are reduced, and the skins hydration, elasticity and comfort are improved;
Avocadojojoba vegetal oilswheat and soy germsbeeswax and cocoa butterreestablish the skins hydrolipidic barrier, prevent premature aging processes caused by free radicals, increase skin elasticity, suppleness and hydration;
Vitamins A and E improve skin elasticity and prevent cutaneous aging processes;
Aquaxyl is an exceptional hydration ingredient, a mixture of natural and vegetal glycosides, preservative-free, allergen-free and genetically modified organisms free.

Because of this unique and efficient formula, rich in natural elements, parabens and allergens free, your skin will become and stay beautiful and healthy.

Treatment Schedule with Gerovital Plant products

Vitamin Cleansing Milk, Eye and Lips Gentle Cleansing Lotion
Moisturizing Toner
Moisturizing Cream / Anti Imperfection Care Cream
Contour Serum Eyes and Lips

Vitamin Cleansing Milk, Eye and Lips Gentle Cleansing Lotion
Moisturizing Toner
Nourishing Cream / Anti-wrinkle Cream / Anti Imperfection Care Cream
Contour Serum Eyes and Lips

Anti Cellulite Cream
Restructuring Anti Stretch Marks Cream

Moisturizing Shampoo
Moisturizing Conditioner


**About the Edelweiss from the Gerovital Plant line of products
Edelweiss is actually a protected species but only if we refer to the spontaneous plant which grows widely on the mountain crests. But if the plant comes from controlled organic cultures, it is seeded and grown, things are completely different and this allows us to make the most of the benefits of this marvellous plant without affecting its existence. 

The latter situation is the one of the plant on which our products are based. The bio edelweiss extract, ECOCERT France certified, does not come from spontaneous plants, but from organic cultures from the Swiss Alps. 

The bio edelweiss extract used for Gerovital Plant products, produced by DSM/Alpaflor, comes from plants obtained from growths that Alpaflor has developed together with mountain farms from the Alps that have over 20 years of experience in growing organic plants, amongst which the edelweiss. Alpaflor factory is located in Vouvry, Valais region, in Switzerland, near the cultures. 

Growing the plant is not simple. Edelweiss grows at high altitudes of 1,000-1,500 m, it does not flower during the first year, and the edelweiss fields are harvested only during the second year and up to the fourth year the harvesting is done manually. 

The advantage of organic cultures is that the plants are carefully supervised and their purity is ensured, starting with the seeding and until obtaining the extracts. The edelweiss is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticide or mineral fertilisers. 

Why the Edelweiss?
Few people know that the edelweiss is an excellent cosmetic ingredient. Its resistance to UV radiations, to low atmospheric pressure, extreme humidity and temperatures determine that this flower protect the skin in the same way it protects itself. Its positive effects over the skin are numerous: anti-ageing and antioxidant effect, protection against UV radiations, regeneration for stressed, sensitive and wrinkled skin.

**About Herbatonic Complex – made of plants from the Transylvanian flora: Rose of Sharon, Horse Tail, Breckland Thyme and mallow provides the skin the necessary amount of remineralisation, an optimum level of moisturizing and protection against harmful environmental factors.
- Horse tail was chosen for the remineralising and toning effect.
- Rose of Shanon improves capillary circulation (toning effect), being also recognised for its antimicrobial and cicatrising properties.
- Mallow was chosen for moisturizing and emolliating and
- Breckland Thyme revitalises all the skin’s functions and it is an excellent astringent, antiseptic and disinfectant.

The Herbatonic Complex contains sugars, uronic acids, mucilages, flavonoids, triterpenic saponins, mineral salts, having a significant contribution in moisturizing, nourishing and remineralising the skin.