Aslavital Lift Instant

The products are addressed to all skin types, even the sensitive ones.
The products are paraben free
The products are hypoallergenic.
The efficacy of the products was clinically proven by the tests made at Evic International Group.

Aslavital Lift Instant line is a set composed of three revolutionary products, which quickly restores the tonus and elasticity of the skin which is predisposed to wrinkles and dehydration. The Ultra Active Lift Cream, the Intensive Lift Eyes and Lips Contour Cream and the Anti Wrinkle Treatment Serum have an action similar to the Botox, but use natural ingredients, which are not genetically modified.
When Farmec created this line they wanted to come out of the classic standards of the anti wrinkle creams and they wanted to offer a simple and quick solution for all women whom skin is affected not necessarily by the passage of time but by stress, dehydration, prolonged sun exposure. Nowadays women have an active lifestyle, which can be stressful and which leaves traces on the skin, starting with the expression wrinkles and continuing with the deeper ones.

Aslavital Lift Instant brings as an innovation the natural complex of Gatuline – Clay, which combine a national product with strong regenerating properties – Clay from Padurea Craiului Mountains – with an exotic ingredient – Gatuline – extract of Acmella Oleraceea, which can be found in the Reunion Islands from the Indian Ocean.
The Gatuline rapidly blocks the spontaneous contractions of the face muscles and has an instant decontracting effect, managing to visibly diminish wrinkles even starting with day 1 of usage.
To these ingredients are added the extract of Boswellia Serrata, with an anti inflammatory effect on eye pouches and dark circles and Hyaluronic Acid which ensures an optimal moisturizing level, and also Vitamins and Natural Oils which have a regenerating role for the skin.  
Reuniting these natural sources of beauty, the Aslavital Lift Instant line improves the skin’s micro relief within 10 days since the first usage, fact which recommends it as an efficient and quick alternative to the aggressive solutions, like aesthetic surgery. From day 1, the lines and wrinkles are visible reduces. After 10 days, the skin is redefined.

Aslavital Lift Instant range of products includes innovative, hypoallergenic paraben free products, specially designed to act together to improve wrinkles within 10 days of first use:
  • Ultra-Active Lift Cream contains a unique combination of natural extracts and ingredients with anti-wrinkle properties, that increase skin elasticity, intensely regenerate and moisturize mature skin. The Gatuline Expressions extract, Ferulic Acid and vitamins A and E reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and the damaging effects of UV radiation. The vegetable phyto-hormones stimulate cellular regeneration processes while the natural oils (Shea Butter, Soybean Oil, Squalane), Clay, natural vitamins and active ingredients contribute together to softening and moisturizing the skin.
  • Lift Intensive Cream - Eye and Lip Contour effectively fights against dark circles and bags under the eyes, having a visible wrinkle smoothing effect after just one day of application. The Lift Intensive Cream protects and moisturizes the lips and the areas around the eyes, effectively helping to their cell regeneration.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Serum is an innovative fluid gel, specially designed for the intensive treatment of the face and the areas much prone to wrinkle formation or signs of ageing. The action of the Gatuline - Clay complex, that provides instant skin-relaxing effect and has unique anti-wrinkle properties, is enhanced by the hyaluronic acid and microcapsules with vitamin E. Together they maintain the skin's moisture level, have antioxidant properties, protect against UV radiation and help alleviating and improving wrinkles after only 10 days from the use of the serum.


Because we talk about a set of products, their combined action is more efficient.

The treatment scheme starts in the morning, with the Ultra Active Lift Cream which is suited also as a make-up basis, it continues with applying in the delicate areas of the face the Intensive Lift Eyes and Lips Contour Cream and is finished in the evening with the Anti Wrinkle Treatment Serum, which acts upon the areas most exposed to ageing. The Ultra Active Lift Cream is applied again in the evening, after using the serum.

The three products which complete the basic Aslavital line come to accomplish the desire of every woman, the one of keeping their skin young for as long as possible.

Aslavital Lift Instant