Gerovital Plant Tratament

Gerovital Plant Treatment line of products is at the edge between hair beauty cosmetic products and pharmaceutical products.

The most frequent concerns are related to:
- The modification in time of the hair strand characteristics (ageing, accelerated by hair colouring, styling etc.)
- Excessive hair oiliness which implies frequent washing – waste of time and energy
- Hair falling above normal limits
Based on the 3 problems presented above, we’ve developed the Gerovital Plant Treatment range of products.

Anti-age treatment for the hair
Once we grow old, the hair strand devitalises, becomes porous and brittle. Hair ageing is accelerated by colouring, styling chemical compounds, high temperatures for the styling, UV radiations, polluting agents etc.
By the help of the anti-age shampoo and mask, the effects of hair ageing can be delayed through the antioxidant protection, an improved nutrition along the hair strand and increased amount of hydrating agents.
Products: Anti-age 30+ Shampoo, Anti-age 30+ Mask.

Sebum Control Treatment
Oily hair represents a problem for many people. Because of the excessive sebum secretion, the hair looks dirty and untidy all the time. Therefore, taking care of oily hair is a daily task which takes a lot of time and energy.
The active principles regulate the activity of sebaceous glands and thus the hyper sebum secretion is reduced. By using the shampoo together with the Sebum Control fluid, you shall notice the improvement of the appearance of oily hair, and the frequency of washing caused by the look of "dirty" hair shall decrease.
Products: Sebum Control Shampoo, Sebum Control Serum.

Anti Hair Loss Treatment
Hair loss is on the list of problems many people confront with, both women and men. Its causes may be diverse, both internal and external, and if not treated on time it may have serious physical and psychical consequences.
The bioactive complexes specific to these products – Procapil and Biocapigen – act synergically to eliminate the causes that atrophy hair roots and inhibit the formation of new pilous follicles. When improving cellular metabolism, hair growth is activated and the roots are strengthened.
Products: Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, Anti Hair Loss Serum

Intensive Regenerating Treatment
Special ingredients to accelerate the regeneration process:
- petroleum
- natural vegetal extracts
- keratin
- essential vitamins
Products: Regenerating Shampoo, Regenerating Lotion with Petroleum, Treatment Kit for Hair Regeneration

Intensive Anti-Dandruff Treatment
Ichtyol has antiseptic properties, Octopirox plays and essential antifungal role.
Products: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Ichtyol, Anti-Dandruff Lotion with Ichtyol

PRO COLOR Treatment
Wishing to always be beautiful, women have found a trustworthy ally in the hair dye, whether they are teenagers and want to experience new tricks or ladies in their second youth who want to trick time passing.
But a dyed hair is not beautiful if it isn’t first of all healthy. Pro Color Treatment has a double role: to maintain the bright colour of dyed hair for as long as possible, but at the same time to fight against the harmful effect of dyes, by intensively moisturizing and permanently reconstructing hair cuticle.
Products: Pro Color Shampon, Pro Color Serum, Pro Color Hair Mask

Maintenance Treatment
Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5 act for the intensive moisturizing and permanent reconstruction of the degraded hair strand.
Products: Mask for Degraded Hair, Serum for Split Hair Ends.

Permanent Protective Treatment
Very low conductivity of the protective film significantly reduces the amount of heating inside the hair strand and prevents "burning".
Products: Moisturizing Thermo-Protective Hair Serum.

Hair is part of your life. Take care of it!