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- the first Gerovital brand store in Hungary -

GEROVITAL cosmetics, produced on the basis of Dr. Ana Aslan's original formula and are especially formulated for the prevention and treatment of ageing processes, at skin’s level. The complete line of professional treatments, both for use in beauty centers and for use at home, GEROVITAL H3ASLAVITAL and GEROVITAL PLANT are not only a commercial illusion, but also a scientific reality. Used  following a recommended  schedule, due to the active principles contained, GEROVITAL Cosmetic products have genuine effects  in preventing aging phenomena,  protecting the skin, ensuring its suppleness, firmness, young-look and healthy shine.

Products: Gerovital H3, Aslavital, Gerovital Plant, Farmec cosmetics
Our product range: face creams, serums, body lotions, decorative cosmetics, hair care products, parfumes, sun care products
Services:beauty advices, test of products

Gerovital H3 Anti-Aging Cosmetic Treatment by Dr. Ana Aslan
Powerful cosmetics with remarkable anti-aging effects and immediate action

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Address: 1083 Budapest, Práter utca 9.
Phone: +36-30-4339911
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11.00-18.00

How to find us:
With public transport:
Subway: take the blue metro line/ M3 to "Corvin-negyed" stop.
Tram: or take Trams #4 and #6  to "Corvin-negyed" stop. It is only a  2 minutes walk.
By car:
GPS coordinate: Lat: 47.48688 Long: 19.07288



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